2G/ Pop-Up Enterprise

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Pop-up Enterprise

Thursday 2G

Convener: Justin Richer

Notes-taker(s): Andrew Hughes and George Fletcher

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Q: What is a pop-up Enterprise? (An enterprise infrastructure for loose conglomerations)

    • Time factors
    • Identifiers
    • ACLs (?)
    • Services
    • Export / Archive
  • How would a capital asset investment cycle work with a pop-up enterprise?
    • Could treat capital assets as smart agents - business as a service
    • Needs to fit into a cost accounting model - calculating the inputs and designation of the assets and outputs
  • Strawman - Justin is thinking about how to instantly instantiate a ‘company’ technology platform to allow for a group of companies or individuals to work together
  • Talk about how to set up a project team’s tools from SaaS providers automatically
    • Use micro-billing

May need an identity component to the "pop-up" infrastructure. -- roles and access controls require identity IAM and SSO features

Also needs auditability for addition and removal of people capability. -- changes over time

Also useful for a "trial startup" mechanism. Build the "enterprise" infrastructure while trying an idea/product and then eventually morph it into a permanent enterprise if things go well.

Another aspect of this is to enable the Machines to be their own company and then the machine shop just "contracts" with the Machine "company" for use of the machine for x amount of work.

What's missing? -- security as a service?

"The best team; just in time"