2H/ ID PRO Body of Knowledge & Taxonomy

From IIW

IDPro Taxonomy - and Body of Knowledge

Wednesday 2H

Convener: Andrew Hughes

Notes-taker(s): Nathan Rowe

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

In April 2016 Kantara formally kicked off an initiative to start a professional organization for ID Pro

Over the past year Kantara has provided the technical infrastructure and support organization to move it forward

What do you think you should know & How does one get certified - Initial focus is on establishing the common ground of what you should know, what we expect to know what we expect others to know

Pledge page was established summer 2016 to survey the market to assess interest

- By end of August had 355

- Survey was sent to the group - professional certification was relatively low

From previous IIW sessions held survived what should an IDPro know and resulted in a very broad list

  • Vendors
  • Terchnologies
  • Terms
  • Coding
  • Legal.Compliance
  • Standards/NPO
  • Other Stuff??

it was clear that a single definition didn’t exist - Out of this a working group was created to focus on creation of a common taxonomy

At top level 4 categories were defined

  • Identities
  • Management
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

The second level of each of the top 4 categories are

  • Concepts
  • Regulations
  • Good Practice
  • Standards & Protocol

Step 1 is to define the index or full scope of what needs to be captured prior to engaging writing or getting into the details

Initial taxonomy is largely focused on enterprise IAM, it is recognized that consumer and citizen IAM are evolving too rapidly to be able to be described

How to move forward

  1. Collect references and links into a single document and categories them
  2. Hire experts to create the content
  3. Continue to grow with new vendors, technology, and references

Looking for members to join the working group and contribute