4E/ AI DAO’s & ID

From IIW


Tuesday 4E

Convener: Trent McConaghy

Notes-taker(s): Heather Vescent

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Attendees and opening remarks

  • convener, host, want to know how people are thinking about DAOs and AI
  • Jon
  • Alexandra, identity is an evolving concept, as we have more computational power, how can we tie them together
  • Greg k, compare notes on use cases, stretch the boundaries
  • forgerock
  • Laili L, use cases
  • Dave H
  • Aaron S
  • Francisco C
  • Ruben, using AI to make sense of the what the user wants to do, to rethink the DAO or corporations, how compromised of individuals.
  • Paul Madson
  • Kaliya Y, get worried about the hand waving in this realm, b/c we still need human beings to do people and processes and looking each other in the eye.
  • Dan Finlay, dealing with identity and blockchain
  • Laurie Way, new to space and learn what are DAOs
  • Abil Y
  • David
  • Heather Vescent
  • Shri D, intrigued, PM at pivotal, building open source identity server,
  • Will, I saw AI, used to work with Sri, Automatic, AI, Autonomous vehicle technology
  • Intersection with cyber physical systems


  • What are ways that identity can help AI/DAO systems or visa versa?
  • Blockchains encourage data sharing & decentralized.
  • Identity, claim of copyright,
  • Am AI that knows all the data that I have, and who to show. To act on my behalf. Running on a data hub. And source how to run it on your own data container.
  • AI is inspectable and you build trust
  • Issue with the auditable aspects of the AI, how am I able to audit it?
  • Different global regulations
  • Health dashboard where you can crunch your personal health data and compare with other anonymous data to suggest health changes based on data analysis of self data and greater anonymized data.
  • We are not used to or read for a world that is smart but not conscious.
  • I might know people who trust the algos and I can choose the best algos. Software is built from people (Like IFTTT).