Deep Dive OpenID - AB

From IIW

Issue/Topic: OpenID AB Deep Dive

Session: Tuesday 2E

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener: Nat Sakimura, John Bradley

Notes-taker(s): Nat Sakimura

Tags: tech

Attendees: Nat Sakimura, John Bradley, Chuck Moltimore, Pat Patterson Bob Blakley, Mat Tebo, Eve mailer, Diana Smetters, George Fletcher, Dirk Belfanz, Greg Turner, Josef Holston, Mike Jones, Tony Nadalin, Marius Scuritescu.

Discussion notes:

Discussed on the details of the OpenID Artifact Binding 1.0RC2 Spec.


  • Split 8.3 so that chapters goes with data flow.
  • Remove client_id definition sentence 2 because it will break existing oauth2 implementations.
  • Fix example in 5.3 (=stale)
  • Looks like Connect is a duplicate work. Why cannot we converge to OpenID ABC?