Facebook as a Personal Data Store

From IIW

Issue/Topic: Facebook as PDS

Session: Tuesday 3D

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener: Joe (Switchbook)

Notes-taker(s): Ankit Kapasi


Discussion notes:

Place where I share “my data” with service providers

Data provided from Facebook:

  • Basic- name, friend list, gender, likes
  • Extended
  • Everyone data set

Permission to data set granted at first interaction

  • By user
  • By service

Instant Personalization – Facebook now moving towards opt-out instead of opt-in

  • No permission ceremony

Authentication and then website uses OpenGraph API

FB did right

  • Scaled quickly
  • People submitted data without thinking about it (was it a trick?)
  • Start with the .edu and connected within
  • Allowing websites to cache the data, critical to website growth

Missing from FB platform:

  • People don’t have ability to control terms of data use
  • Incomplete and non-customizable (e.g., cant add your own public key)
  • Tweak the permissions after time passes
  • Open Standards / Substitutable (can now download copy of data)
  • Verification of identity and specific data elements
  • Setting per Vendor
  • Stability in Privacy and other policies
  • Terms for users on the 3rd party website