IIW 37 Speed Demo Hour

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IIW 37 Speed Demo Hour / Wednesday October 11 1:30PM - 2:30PM

Brought to Us by Danube Tech https://danubetech.com/


1. Province of British Columbia - the BC Wallet: Clecio Varjao, Product Manager British Columbia’s Digital Identity and Trust Program URL: https://digital.gov.bc.ca/digital-trust/ The BC Wallet app has an increasing number of digital credentials available. They can be used in combination with a new mobile verifier feature in BC Wallet. This allows anyone with a smartphone to verify another person’s digital credentials. Come and see it all in action.

2. 2060.io - Building DIDComm chatbots: Ariel Gentile and Fabrice Rochette URL: https://2060.io Using 2060 to create rich decentralized verifiable chat services, combining text, pictures, video and voice notes with the power of Verifiable Credentials.

3. Agama Lab Demo: Michael Schwartz, Founder/CEO Gluu URL: https://agama-lab.gluu.org Agama Lab is a low code developer tool which enables you to build custom web OpenID authentication flows. Register for free, manage and publish your projects from your own Github account; deploy Agama projects on Janssen Auth Server or the Janssen distribution of Keycloak--Agama is the easiest way to orchestrate the identity journeys that solve your specific business requirements.

4.Cedar: Jeff Lombardo URL: https://www.cedarpolicy.com/en Cedar is an open source language for defining permissions as policies, which describe who should have access to what. It is also a specification for evaluating those policies. Use Cedar policies to control what each user of your application is permitted to do and what resources they may access.

5. Farmworker Wallet OS low-code wallet engine: Jorge Flores URL: https://tac.openwallet.foundation/projects/fwos/ Farmworker Wallet OS (FWOS) is an open-source digital wallet engine implemented with the Mendix low-code application platform. The FWOS wallet engine can be embedded into any Mendix application to support privacy-preserving digital trust interactions between peers.

6. Infisign Inc. / Infisign Identity Lifecycle Management: Aditya Santhanam (CPO, Infisign Inc.) URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcAEEgfA7js Infisign is a cutting-edge identity and access management (IAM) platform that revolutionizes digital security by leveraging decentralized identity, passwordless authentication, federation, and privileged access management (PAM) capabilities. With its unique approach, Infisign addresses the challenges of traditional IAM systems and offers a comprehensive solution for modern identity management. For the demo, Infisign will showcase its Identity Lifecycle Management capabilities, which will help enterprises manage their employee identity and application subscriptions during onboarding and exiting.

7. Aserto / Topaz: Omri Gazitt URL: https://www.topaz.sh , https://github.com/aserto-dev/topaz Topaz is an OSS authorizer that combines the best of policy-as-code / OPA with the relationship-based access control model described in Google's Zanzibar paper. Topaz is ideal for building fine-grained, policy-based, real-time access control for SaaS or internal applications.

8. IDLab's Digital Trust Test Bench: Patrick St-Louis - DevOps Specialist URL: https://www.idlab.org/en/digital-trust-test-bench/ My demo will test an Aries Mobile wallet against the Aries-Agent-Test-Harness integration. This will demonstrate issuance and verification interoperability between a mobile wallet and 2 aries reference frameworks.

9. IDunion: Paul Bastian and Christian Bormann URL: https://idunion.org/?lang=en Demonstration of OpenID4VC + sd-jwt + status list featuring issuance and presentation following the OpenID4VC High Assurance Interoperability Profile

10. GLEIF: Kevin Griffin URL: https://www.gleif.org/en/vlei/introducing-the-verifiable-lei-vlei GLEIF will demo the successful proof of concept conducted with the European Banking Authority (EBA) using a vLEI credential to gain access to a web portal and authorizing XBRL-CSV report packages with embedded signatures.

11. CS DMV Wallet APP / SpruceID in collaboration with other parties: Oliver Terbu (Spruce), Elissa Maercklein (Spruce) + Google + Ping Identity + NIST URL: https://spruceid.com/credible and https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/ca-dmv-wallet/ (it is actually California DMV's product) Description: Demonstration of CA DMV wallet app that interacts with different verifier applications using different protocols (Mobile Document Request API, ISO/IEC 18013-7 OID4VP) and different credential formats (ISO/IEC 18013 mdoc, W3C JWT-VCs) to share mDL.

12. OpenID Foundation conformance tests for OpenID for verifiable credentials: Joseph Heenan URL: https://openid.net/how-to-certify-your-implementation/ OIDF has tests for checking that wallets (and, later, verifiers and issuers) correctly & securely implement OpenID for Verifiable Credential Issuance / OpenID for Verifiable Presentation specifications - we demo them, explain their limitations and how you can test your wallet.

13. GoDiddy.com - Universal DID Services: Markus Sabadello - Danube Tech URL: https://godiddy.com/ GoDiddy.com is a hosted platform that makes it easy for SSI developers and solution providers to work with DIDs. It is based on open-source projects Universal Resolver and Universal Registrar.

14. Trinsic Connect - Reusable, verified ID: Michael Boyd URL: https://pearbnb.app/ & https://pocketrides.app/ Pearbnb and Pocketrides are two applications using Trinsic Connect to verify new users on their platforms. Pearbnb can onboard a user with the credentials in their wallet, or they can direct them through an identity verification flow. Once a user is verified on Pearbnb, they can instantly onboard to Pocketrides.

15. Center Identity / Location-based key generation/recovery assisted by Ai: Matthew Vogel URL: https://centeridentity.com Current methods for key recovery are difficult, but we will demonstrate how easily a private key can be generated and recovered with the visual memory of an end user and assistance from artificial intelligence. This makes user-centric identity feasible as passwords become obsolete in light of our new approach to securing digital assets!

16. Provenant / Origin for Qualified vLEI Issuers: Daniel Hardman, Cliff Holsenbeck, Randy Warshaw URL:www.provenant.net GLEIF's vLEI credentials combine three concepts: the organization’s identity, a person’s identity, and the role that the person plays for the organization. Come see how organizational credentials can be issued using Provenant's Origin software for Qualified vLEI Issuers (QVI).

17. Pocketcred.com: Mahesh Balan URL: https://www.pocketcred.com/post/member-as-api-the-interoperability-and-patient-access-final-rule-and-verifiable-credentials The time is ripe for allowing people to have access to their own health data. With the emergence of Verifiable Credentials as a real-world standard being implemented in many fields; with the work being done by the open wallet foundation as well as projects such as the one by TBD.DEV for decentralized web nodes, it is now possible for people to securely carry their own health data for provider to provider. This demo is a small proof of concept for this idea.

18. Microsoft Entra Verified ID: Kristina Yasuda URL: - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/business/identity-access/microsoft-entra-verified-id & https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/verifiable-credentials/decentralized-identifier-overview Demonstration of Verifiers using Microsoft Entra Verified ID APIs to receive credentials from various Wallets. Main use-case that will be shown is verifying driving license JWT-VC from CA DMV wallet, but there might be another super cool one that can only be seen if you stop by!

19. Digital Credentials Consortium - VC Issuing with Admin Dashboard: Kerri Lemoie - MIT URL: http://dcconsortium.org Open source software for issuance and management of Verifiable Credentials, including batch management, notification, credential status, and support for wallet exchange through deeplinks and CHAPI via a VC-API conformant issuer, organized as services in a Docker compose network.

20. 3edges.com - 3Edges and verifiable credentials: Alex Babeanu URL: https://www.3edges.com/ Edges is a no-code graph-based dynamic authorization platform, which uses knowledge graphs to enforce authorization. We will demo how 3Edges now understands W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC), what they look like in a graph and how they can be used for authorization.