Personal Data Ecosystem Model 2

From IIW

Title: Personal Data Ecosystem Models continued

Session: Wednesday, Session 5, Space B

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener, Note Taker: Kaliya Hamlin

We outlined things we could talk about.

  • Transfer for Risk
  • Individual Incentive
  • Beyond one time use
  • Data Schema
  • Long Data -> preservation
  • Long History
  • Economies of Scale - Quality and Size
  • Commercial value of Data
  • Auction -> Bidding
  • Insight isn’t Data
  • Analytics - Data -> Info -> Knowledge
  • Self Asserted & Validated (credit card transactions) 4th Party
  • Companies NEED info
  • “go to Market”

Barbara put forward a map of what she was seeing as a ecosystem landscape.

Use cases - Can you ask your friend network - about questions and get back answers without reveling who.

Willing to share in network - example given of last FM friend music similarity in your neighborhood.

Image of a Groker - linked to many PDS’s. Today the customers don’t know what each other buys.

This was in the context of the amout of information flow that is driving retail sales and how if people had their own ability to link and share data.

Share with my PDS - Things I don’t want to show up on the internet. “Your pants won’t fall down on you any more”

You should EDU own PDS

Data Assets you have others don’t - Highly sensitive highly valuable - keep going back to and permissioning - recommendation services.

Silhouette Service by PDS provider

Data Curation - organization for data at rest.

Most of my life isn’t commercial or “social”

Civil Society and Neighborhoods

Identity Integrity

Front Door lock - how are indivdiauls personally responsible

Privacy -> Property frame - Digital Society.

Higher value Quality

What to talk about tomorrow

  • Civil Society and Personal Data
  • Funness
  • Problem Recap - what needs to be solved
  • Dating and Relationships and the PDS
  • Political Aspects -> Opportunities (NSTIC), Bill of Rights
  • Adoption Drives
  • Quality going up and information and knowledge.