Shifting Global Economy w-Identity

From IIW

<math>Insert formula here</math>Issue/Topic: Shifting the Global Economy Using Identity

Session: Wednesday 3H

Conference: IIW-11 November 2-4, Mountain View, Complete Notes Page

Convener: Ace Swhering

Notes-taker(s): Didier Perrot (sent in email by Ace)


Discussion notes:

Issues common to large organisations – objectives to reduce costs (IT) and add revenues

Challenge of connecting the IT systems, e.g. cross-organisations, -boundaries, … : among other technical

3rd wave : information based economy (Allan Toffler) – shift in ways of creating wealth

Scenarios : in the supply chain, in the organisation … reduce friction

How to do it ??

Fragmentation about representation of identity

Issues of reconciling various sources of identity

Top down vs. bottom up

« Where’s the guidance from the (IT) industry »

Chicken & Egg issue


Gov. Leadership ? Private sector ? Financial sector, IT sector …

DNS or Peer2Peer

Easier in developing markets ? (infrastructure white space …)

« System » : technology issues but trust comes from duties

Security as an enabling technology